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Black Magic Incantations – Discover the Hidden Power

When the witches and wizards perform a magical ritual certain words are spoken which are believed to have magical influence on people These words in total are called incantations. They are equally used in both white and black magic. In this article we will specially deal with the incantation’s significance and values in black magic art performance.

Ancient pharaohs from the land of Egypt resorted to the charms of black magic incantations. In their rule witches and wizards who were quite experts in performing black magic were quite sorted after. Incantations were used mainly for the purpose of manipulation. This was an inseparable part in the field of politics.

Black or dark magic incantations were so powerful that it could result in the downfall of certain empires that were very powerful and at the same time posed a threat to the kingdoms of Egypt. Incantations were like prayers asking for help and guidance from the evil forces of negative energy. There were gods who were worshiped, pleased and praised with black magic incantations in order to have powers on people.

Occultism in black magic made use of incantations to literally transfer some part of the life forces of a person on any object like a voodoo doll. After the transferring of the soul the incantations would bring down harm to these people. The reference of black magic incantations found mention in ancient stories of medieval period, fairy tales and folklore. They were always treated as means of weapons taken by the negative characters to satisfy their needs and bring havoc in the peaceful lives of good people.

The incantations have a repetitive nature so that the intensity of the chant is very strong. Their composition followed a certain formula. Their rhythmic effect was such that while pronunciation they made the compressions and rarefactions in the surrounding air in such an effective manner so as to evoke the negative energies in the atmosphere.

Sometimes incantations in black magic would take the shape of riddles which were very intelligently composed so as not to be easily decoded by any ordinary people. Sorcerers of magnanimous capability had the ability to read in between the lines and could possibly prevent it from creating a huge devastation. But once chanted, they were almost impossible to alter.

If you ever get to study the scansion of ancient black magic incantations you will find that they followed a metrical pattern. While incantations were being chanted or recited the performer was also expected to perform some physical actions because he was supposed to evoke some entity which was unknown to many people.